Happy Easter!

Yeah…so why on EARTH did I decide it was a good idea to put myself out there PUBLICALLY the day before Easter?

I have been given two Easter eggs and a mini Easter bunny.

This is what I’m looking like right now (this isn’t actually a picture of me – I Googled):



And really I just want to eat chocolate with the same reckless abandon that this random kid clearly has:


I will be strong.



The Journey…Again

0f8a4731fc7afda0911d39518c58c471Hello world of blogging.

I don’t really know what to put here. I guess I should start by explaining why I set up this blog. It’s pretty simple and not very original: I need somewhere to track my journey from a little overweight to healthy. I need somewhere to be accountable – though I am awful at writing things down haha. Though I figured I spend a lot of time on my laptop so it would probably make sense to put it on a blog.

I am only a bit overweight. Not hugely – not enough to turn heads or to hang my head in shame. But I used to be very athletic and it’s not the LOOK that I miss so much, as how light I felt. I’m still able to beast it around a netball court but it wasn’t until the other day when someone took a picture of us on a night out that I realised that actually…I couldn’t deny it any more. I can’t hide behind the “real women have curves” line any more. I am too big for my size (I’m quite short and have a naturally petite frame so the extra weight really shows).

I don’t care about having abs so sculpted you could grate cheese off them. If that’s the look others are going for then I genuinely really admire that. I’ve just found that I’ve tried this journey so many times with the hope of looking great that actually I haven’t felt great – and not getting the visual results I wanted immediately put me into comfort eating habits.

Not very conducive…

Part of this is that I do have an emotional relationship with food. I like love food. A  lot. But when I was having some Anxiety&Depression issues – I was taking a lot of comfort in being given chocolate/my favourite snacks to cheer me up, it felt like the only thing that was safe and known. I’m definitely over that darkness but that habit remains. And I don’t think I can be truly over it until I break this habit. Hence this blog.

So instead I’m focusing on improving my fitness and turning down snacks and sweets – if I’m not hungry enough for an apple (my favourite fruit in case it wasn’t obvious) I’m definitely not hungry. I’ve joined a gym and have been doing weights and stuff already so this isn’t the ABSOLUTE beginning of my journey. But it’s pretty near the start.

I’ll be putting my training sessions/classes up as well as pictures of meals I’ve eaten (not all of them, I have no delusions). Occasionally I’ll probably just type out something that I think sounds really profound but really sounds very pretentious. OH WELL.

Peace out.