I am being accountable still – promise!

Hello lovely followers.

I’ve had such a manic week at school that I haven’t had a chance to log in here to update y’all on my fitness journey. I have still been keeping myself very busy though – promise!

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Last Tuesday I returned to yoga. Again it was absolutely lovely to stretch out without pushing myself too much. I also find that because I have to concentrate on balancing and getting the sequencing right I can’t think about work, which is such a nice relief.


Wednesday saw the return of netball training! We have finished the Winter League (and have been promoted for next season…although sadly I’m leaving!) so we had April off. So I was psyched to come back! Netball is without a doubt my favourite sport. I do not care WHAT people say about how you don’t run with the ball, it’s HARD WORK. I played Basketball for my county for a year and I honestly think netball is much more exhausting and much harder work. You have THREE seconds to make a decision. You have to dodge around your opponent to get the ball. Or you have to read the game to try and make an interception – OR try to just keep your player out of the game if their team is in possession. It’s brilliant! We had a big focus on agility as we want to increase our fitness levels for next season when it gets a bit more serious.

Thursday we had a netball match in a friendly local league. Unfortunately we only had 6 players which meant we were one short. We were all exhausted after the game – I had to mark two players (I usually play C [covers the most ground] but I had to act as WD during the game as well to make up for player shortage). Despite this we managed to draw – and I even got Player of the Match! I then umpired a game straight after.


Finally, on Saturday I went to Body Attack at 9:20am. It was really hard after having such an exhausting week but it was worth it to know that I then had the rest of the day to myself.

Today (Sunday) I have been on a long coastal/cliff walk with some friends. I feel like a bit of a bum because I’ve only managed to get to the gym once this week but I’ve kept very active all the same. This week coming will probably be quite difficult because I’m at the other end of the country for a few days but excuses breed laziness and I’ll endeavour to get some exercise in!

Hope you’re all happy and well 🙂

Peace out.


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