Last week…and next!

Hi everyone!

Apologies for the delay in this post – I’ve been absolutely swept off my feet so blogging has not been top of my priorities.

Monday – I gymmed it and swam it. Both were absolutely heaving so it took a lot longer than usual to get through my weights programme (I took active rest by using a crosstrainer whilst waiting for machines) but I got there in the end. Swimming was a bit of a waste of time because there were a lot of recreational swimmers who decided that they should stand in the middle of the medium lane (I need a fast lane personally, but they only had a medium lane set up as there was a swimming lesson going on in the other lane). People can be so rude!

Tuesday – yoga! I did not fall over (there were a couple of close calls) and it was probably the best yoga session I’ve ever been to because it didn’t rely on me already being ridiculously flexible. I had a few clicks and cracks but felt very relaxed afterwards.

Wednesday – gym was much quieter so I sailed through my routine quite quickly. Swimming I got out a bit earlier than I intended because I was having severe lane frustration (a basic qualification for being in the fast lane should entail being able to put your head in the water. I’m not being harsh – I fully encourage ANYONE to swim, but if there’s a slow lane/recreational space and you can’t put your face in the water…make use of those facilities!).

Thursday – I INTENDED to go to kettlebells but the instructor was poorly and they had to cancel last minute. They were really nice though and offered for me to go to BodyAttack instead. I had NEVER heard of it, but figured seeing as I was there I might as well go. It was SUCH good fun – I felt like a bit of a loon at times but it was great – and my goodness didn’t I ever have a sweat on?! Definitely something I’ll try again – the plyometric nature of it will definitely help with my netball!

Friday I did nothing (which was nice). Saturday my better half and I took the dogs for a nice long country walk in the daytime and another stroll in the evening around some nearby fields. Today we took them for another quick run around but that’s my lot!

So this week netball starts up again for the summer league! This means that:

Tomorrow I’ll gym and maybe swim but I’m not going in if it’s that busy again.

Tuesday I’m going back to yoga.

Wednesday I have netball training.

Thursday I have a netball match.

Friday I’ll go to the gym and swim.

Saturday I’m getting up in the morning for a body attack class!

Sunday I have plans with friends to go walking along the coast so active recovery!

Peace out.



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