True to my word I walked down to the gym and back. I even managed to squeeze in a quick 1k swim before they put the big inflatable in before walking home. Success!

…Well kinda. I didn’t go in the morning morning. I got there about 11:30 but hey. Still counts.

Gym workout:


8x chest press (32kg)

8x leg press (51kg)

8x shoulder presss (17kg)

8x seated row (52kg).

After each odd set I did a mini circuit that one of the girls I play netball with recommended for building explosive power and helping with ankle stability:

15x squat jumps (starting in squat position, then driving up with force)

10x jumping lunges (5x each leg)

10x walking lunges (5x each leg).

After each even set I did a modified version of the gym’s weekly challenge with an 8kg kettlebell:

10x goblet squat

15x kettlebell swing

10x clean and press on right side

10x clean press on left side.

After all that I then decided to go for a swim!

2x200m front crawl

200m backstroke

200m IM

200m front crawl.

I was going to swim further but like I said – they were putting in a massive inflatable so we had to move.

Nothing planned for tomorrow other than proofing my research (boo) and watching the MotoGP. Then from Monday it’s go go go!

Hope you’re all having lovely weekends 🙂


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