I did Pilates today.

I started pilates in mid October and did it until the end of the University term (early December). I really liked it. I was nervous at first that it would be like yoga and that I would really suck at it but no. It is not like yoga.

I liked pilates because whilst it increases flexibility – it doesn’t rely on you being ridiculously flexible before you get there (trust me – it is really embarrassing when you’re twenty-something and are proud of being able to touch your toes only to realise that the pensioner next to you has her forehead on her knees…).

Anyway I stopped for quite a while because netball was taking up a lot of evenings and I needed the other evenings to get my head around my new job. But I decided that I would give it another go tonight.

How other people look doing pilates:

imagesHow I look when doing pilates:


It was nice to get back into it. She had a very different approach to my previous instructor who had a lot more focus on building up to each move with flows within the session, but nothing I can’t get on board with. I definitely felt like I’d worked harder in this lady’s class.

It put me off how busy the class was though, it’s hard to concentrate properly when you have someone else’s foot or hand in your face. So I’m going to try the Sunday morning class at some point to see if that’s less busy.

Peace out.


3 thoughts on “I did Pilates today.

  1. Hi! Just found your blog. I have never tried pilates, but everyone always raves about it so I’ll have to try it soon. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of crowded classes, but sometimes you can’t help it. Looking froward to reading your archives as I’ve just started a health and wellness journey a few months ago. Just started following your blog 🙂

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