Mega Day

Today was a bit mega, if I do say so myself.

To begin – I had a lovely long coastal walk with my best friend. No idea how far – but it was nice (and we made some friends with some cute dogs which is ALWAYS a bonus).

I then decided to go to the gym because I had my kit in my car and figured that seeing as I was already out I might as well. It was SO BUSY!

I therefore discovered a pet hate: people resting between sets on the machines.

texting-in-the-gym Now – don’t get me wrong. I do not think there is anything wrong with being on your phone at the gym. If you’re checking in on Facebook – cool. I’m not going to judge you for that (I mean seriously look what I’m doing here). But ESPECIALLY when it’s really busy, if you’re resting between sets then GET OFF the machine you’re using so that someone else can use it. Taking it in turns is fun!

Now, being British this obviously means that I’m both very polite and very awkward. It’s just what we do best. So rather than politely asking whether I could hop on to the machine while they weren’t using it (it’s a bit intimidating asking someone whose biceps are bigger than your whole body to essentially stop wasting my time) I would go on the machine right next to it/directly opposite it and stare fixedly at the machine until they were done. Possibly not the best tactic…

Anyway. So I warmed up then did:


8x Chest Press (1st set 35kg, 2nd-5th set 32kg)

8x Leg Press 51kg

8x Shoulder Press 17.5kg

8x Seated Row (1st-4th set 49kg, 5th set 53kg)

n.b. I’m using weights machines at the moment because I want to build up my strength and form before I use free weights. I don’t want to rush into these things. Its been three weeks since I joined the gym (I’ve been going twice a week) and all but my shoulder press have improved – so I’m pretty happy (I am aware that this is quite typical of beginners…)!

After that I went for a 1.6km swim:

400m freestyle

200m IM (50m butterfly, 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle)

200 backstroke

4×50 in IM order on 1 minute

100m backstroke

200m freestyle

100m backstroke

200m freestyle

I should point out here that I used to be a competitive swimmer – though I hadn’t swum in years before I joined the gym. It’s nice to do it without pressure!

So yes. A good day I think. I’ll certainly sleep well tonight anyway!

Peace out.

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